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Stratford Hall c. 1738 - Solo Preservation & Restoration Internship

The Southwest Outbuilding & Main House Warming Kitchen were my main focus during my internship period.
Some of the projects personally & fully completed by me include:

Exterior - SouthWest Outbuilding

*16x16 complete window sash restoration
*Window & door frame paint removal, repair and refinishing
*Masonry repointing around window frames
*Old caulk removal and resealing of all window & door frames

Interior - SouthWest Outbuilding

*Interior plaster repair
*Paint removal from all surfaces
*Reapplication of historic lime washes to interior walls
*Sanding & repainting of interior floating wood panels

Exterior - Main House (Warming Kitchen)

*Damaged door frame and sill removal, repair & replacement
*Wood epoxy consolidation & repair of damaged areas
*Copper pan flashing fabricated & soldered for new sill

Sashes & Panes Labeled and Ready for Glazing, Glass, and Paint Removal:

Lead Paint Removal:

Re-glazing Process with Linseed Putty:
(click any picture to enlarge)

Sash Reglazed and all Paint Removed:

Primed & Painted:

Same Sash Finished, Trimmed, & Reinstalled:

Lead-Based Paint Removal from Frame:

All Three Sashes Back in Place:

Interior Paneled Room Rough Sanded for New Paint:

Second Interior Chamber in Process of Paint Removal from all Plaster Walls & Ceiling:

Same Chamber Repainted with Simulated Whitewash:

Damaged Warming Kitchen Frame Before Removal:

Moisture Damage to Frame Posts:

Pre-Epoxy Pepair, Consolidated & Reinforced with Dowels:

Epoxy Repair and Rebuild:

Masonry Inside Frame Severely Damaged by Moisture & Incorrect Previous Portland Cement Repointing:

Repointed with Lime Mortar Prior to Frame Replacement:

New Sill Prep:

Construction of new Copper Pan Flashing, New Sill Treated with Borate Agent & Back Primed:

New Copper Pan and Sill in Place:


Stratford Hall Plantation Restoration, Group Field Lab -June 2009

Spring House Restoration~

~Stratford Hall Plantation
in Westmorland County, VA, United States, was the home of four generations of the Lee Family of Virginia, including two signers of the Declaration of Independence and was the birthplace of Robert E. Lee, Confederate General-in-chief during the American Civil War.

Spring House Shake Roof to be Removed & Repaired:

Quite a Motley Crew!

Shingles Removed, Roof Repaired, New Shingles Being Applied:

Cutting To Size:

Third Row Going Up:

Nearing Cap:

New Roof Completed:

Historic Research & National Register Nominations

Historic Research & National Register Nomination~
~Completed for 2229 Chapline Street, Wheeling WV.

  • Completion of Historic National Register Forms needed for nomination.
  • Knowledge of the extensive criteria that would determine if a structure may be eligible for nomination.
  • Ability to thoroughly research a historic structure including; deed and title searches, tax record search, topo and sanborn map reading, human interest documentation, and public history.
  • Knowledge of Section 106 and other beneficial tax laws pertaining to buildings on the National Register.
Structure to be Nominated:

Historic Map Research:

Historic National Road Project~
~Contracted effort with the Morristown Ohio Historic Preservation Association to uncover a buried portion of the Historic National Road to be made a part of the future Lynn Hunkler Memorial Park.
  • Request for Proposal received for work completion in conjunction with government grant monies.
  • Initial site evaluation and research, including labor & material estimates needed for job completion.
  • Coordination and scheduling of students to complete physical uncovering by hand.
  • Plan for future use involving tourism, local school interaction, and the teaching of historic roadbed construction to future generations.

Initial Condition:
1st Phase Removed:

2nd Phase Removed:
Interiors Study and Cataloging~
~Thorough catalog of all interior features for the Historic Gay 90's Museum in Barnesville, OH.
  • Written, pictorial, and video cataloging of interior elements for both research and historic posterity.
  • Areas cataloged: Fireplaces & mantles, flooring, wall finishes, hardware, woodwork, & furnishings.
  • Resulting media catalog will be used to create new informational and tourism documents for the museum.

Building Pathology & Historic Structure Reports

Building Pathology~
  • Competent understanding of the material deterioration processes of historic structures including biological, chemical and environmental problems.
  • Ability to analyze building conditions and make appropriate recommendations for both the conservation and maintenance of various building materials and systems.
Historic Structure Report~
~Completed for 114 14th Street, Wheeling WV
  • Consultation with homeowner about current building state and usage.
  • Complete analysis of exterior and interior conditions.
  • Thorough explanation of structure issues complete with multiple solutions for both repair & maintenance
  • Analysis included severe moisture infiltration issues, masonry deterioration, & plaster cracking.

Conservation Chemistry

Paint Chip Analysis~
Microscopic color analysis in order to determine original paint color used in historic finishes.

Lead Based Paint Testing~
Using techniques to uncover the use of toxic lead-based paint and determining the best way to encapsulate or remove it.

Historic Mortar Analysis~
Collection, screening, and sorting to discover ratios of materials used in brick and masonry mortar in order to correctly match strength, or color, of replacement or new mortar.

Original Sample Being Tested for % Lime Content: