Historic Research & National Register Nominations

Historic Research & National Register Nomination~
~Completed for 2229 Chapline Street, Wheeling WV.

  • Completion of Historic National Register Forms needed for nomination.
  • Knowledge of the extensive criteria that would determine if a structure may be eligible for nomination.
  • Ability to thoroughly research a historic structure including; deed and title searches, tax record search, topo and sanborn map reading, human interest documentation, and public history.
  • Knowledge of Section 106 and other beneficial tax laws pertaining to buildings on the National Register.
Structure to be Nominated:

Historic Map Research:

Historic National Road Project~
~Contracted effort with the Morristown Ohio Historic Preservation Association to uncover a buried portion of the Historic National Road to be made a part of the future Lynn Hunkler Memorial Park.
  • Request for Proposal received for work completion in conjunction with government grant monies.
  • Initial site evaluation and research, including labor & material estimates needed for job completion.
  • Coordination and scheduling of students to complete physical uncovering by hand.
  • Plan for future use involving tourism, local school interaction, and the teaching of historic roadbed construction to future generations.

Initial Condition:
1st Phase Removed:

2nd Phase Removed:
Interiors Study and Cataloging~
~Thorough catalog of all interior features for the Historic Gay 90's Museum in Barnesville, OH.
  • Written, pictorial, and video cataloging of interior elements for both research and historic posterity.
  • Areas cataloged: Fireplaces & mantles, flooring, wall finishes, hardware, woodwork, & furnishings.
  • Resulting media catalog will be used to create new informational and tourism documents for the museum.

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  1. Oh my... that place is beautiful! The hinge and that barral vaulted little fireplace nook!